Peter Ruckman (Revisited)

I am amazed at the number of times people have searched the internet for Peter Ruckman, stumbled onto my kind of negative post, and actually read it.  I wouldn’t have thought, a month or two later, that it would ever be read again.  So yesterday, I decided I’d give Mr. Ruckman another listen and see if I was completely off base.  The answer is “Yes, and no.”  No, I was not off base about the zealous, mean-spirited way he defends the King James Bible.  It’s borderline cultic, and just really strange.  But I watched and listened to one of his chalk talks, and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  I do not agree with all of his theology, and I hate that he has no room in it for his own mistakes.  BUT, he preached a very powerful sermon about Jesus.  50 minutes almost exclusively about Jesus.  Once you got past his opening diatribe, it was a pretty standard sermon, and as cheesy as I thought the chalk board drawing would be, it actually was a handy visual aid.  It’s not museum art or anything, but that’s not the point. He did not shy away from hell, and the last 15 minutes were VERY powerful.  He talked about how one of his grandkids I think, asked him where his (Ruckman) mother was now.  He said the hard thing. That he figures she is in hell (I do not believe “Hell” begins until after the judgment, but I get the gist of the statement).  He then stated that he took no joy in that, and his face really backed him up on that. He was in those moments not defending a translation but begging sinners to repent and not go to hell.  I was right there with him, and was convicted.  He stated, to great effect, that if there is no hell, there is NO POINT IN CHURCH.  Amen.  Why waste our time?  Why waste our money keeping the lights on, the carpet on, the heat/air on?  So, the point?  He leaves no room for disagreement, even on what some would call non-essentials.  He’s bombastic in his tone.  He has cultish beliefs about the KJV.  But, he delivered a powerful, moving, and helpful sermon that called sinners to repentance and belief in Jesus. He does not mince words, and there is a large part of that I respect.  No cowering to political correctness.  It was like Mark Driscoll as an old man, minus the wing nut KJV only stuff.  I will listen to him again (not that he cares – I am a heretic to him!).  I can live with that.



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9 responses to “Peter Ruckman (Revisited)

  1. beel

    Could you post a link to this sermon? I’d like to hear/see it myself, if I could.


  2. If you do a google search for peter ruckman chalk talks video, it will be probably the first hit. It will be Google Videos, and there are around 10 videos you can watch. I do not remember the title of the sermon this post was about since it’s been probably 5 months since I heard it, but I think it might have been “Body, Soul, and Spirit.” By the way his view of this differs from my own. Any one of his sermons is probably a similar example of his style. It’s worth a listen, but don’t get me wrong, I’m no real fan. Thanks, hope this helps.

  3. Scott

    The title of that sermon is “Where do the dead go” and here is the link.
    I love Ruckmans guys passion for the lost.

  4. Thanks Scott, for the title, comment and link. He’s certainly passionate!

  5. Chris

    Ruckman is a treasure and a blessing! If you want your ego stroked, go listen to Benny Hinn or Parsley. If you want God’s word, listen to Ruckman!

  6. warren

    ruckman has problems and issues just like any pastor that pastors a church down the street. he poops,farts,pee just like anybody else. I’ve been listening to him on and off for about 15yrs. its because of ruckmans teaching that I stopped sleeping with my girlfriend 15yrs ago and got right with Jesus! today I’m a happily married man with two kids that respects women. yeah! he’s got issues that’s why we should not worshipped man but God through Jesus. let God deal with him and just worry about your own walk with the Lord daily. if you want water down christianity with feel good, all about how to be a better you message and no REPENTANCE, then listen to Joel Olsteen!

  7. Warren,
    I don’t deny there has been some fruit from his ministry. My main contention is his KJV Onlyism. I have no problem with preferring the KJV. Saying it is the English Bible with God’s stamp of approval is akin to cultishness. I too despise watered down preaching, and make every effort to avoid it in my preaching. I am sincerely glad you were led to repentance through his ministry. Ruckman is a KJV apologist, in the public eye, and therefore open to critique. Surely we could agree on that. Thanks for the comment.

  8. warren

    youre right about the KJV onlyism,but at the same time he’s got alot of good points why KJV is excellent, but how he goes about it does not necessarly bring unity with the brethren. A Pastor that discipled me for about three years said to me one afternoon. “Be careful about the things you’re passionate about, specialy about the Word of God it could bring unexpected threat to others and not neccessarly unity with the body Christ” if Ruckman GET’S RID OF THAT KJV ONLYISM MENTALITY HE WOULD DO JUST FIND. thanks for an awesome website I’ll check in periodicaly.

  9. Paul

    Brother Pete gives it to you straight up. He reads to you what the Bible says; not his own opinions. The Bible is not a gospel tract, it contains well over a thousand pages, so when any preacher preaches directly from ALL of it, like Pastor Ruckman does; and not just from a few favorite verses, it often hits hard … and doesn’t the flesh just hate that!

    If you have have an issue with Ruckman’s Preaching then you have a issue with the word of God, and you need to read John 8:47 and consider the words of your Saviour.

    Also, regarding your comments about Hell. The Lord Jesus Christ says in Luke 16:22-24
    22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;
    23 AND IN HELL he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

    The rich man died, the put his body in the dirt … but he was IN HELL. When it comes to what you believe and what my Lord and Saviour clearly says happens when the lost die, who do you think has their doctrine correct?

    … even so, come Lord Jesus

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